Click to buy Death Below Zero at Amazon

Click to buy Death Below Zero at Amazon

Nick Rezkel lost his PI license in a case that went sideways.  Turned out catching the killer wasn’t enough. Now he’s on the Alaska Pipeline, working seven tens out in the minus 70 wind chill. The pay is exorbitant and extreme individuals all about are an amusement, until the boss threatens to fire him for obscure reasons and the crane operator nearly takes off his leg, smiling with malice. Looks like the past’s gotten entangled with a brand new real estate and construction scam.

Yet, there are compensations. Nick finds a new girlfriend with a quick tongue and a killer body. Life feels sweet as they head off to the raging after-work party scene.

Then everything gets serious. He finds a man on the floor, blood dissolving cocaine spilled on the body. The state troopers arrive utterly convinced Nick stabbed the guy. It’s strictly up to him to get away and clear himself.

DEATH BELOW ZERO is published by BearCat Press